Liposuction is a procedure recommended for patients who have unaesthetic fat deposits in specific regions of the body which are not eliminated with exercises and diets. Its indication is for patients with good skin elasticity and without excessive sagging. It is performed in patients older than 16 years. The objective is to improve the body contour and should not be confused as a method for weight loss. Liposuction begins with small incisions (2-4 mm) in the skin, usually in inconspicuous areas close to the regions to be treated. The amount of fat to be removed depends on the needs of each patient, not exceeding the 5% body weight limit. If eventually there should be a need to remove a greater amount of fat volume, other surgical steps can be programmed in order to obtain a good final result, without compromising the patient’s health. The use of compression garments is indicated 24 hours a day and following medical recommendations is essential.