This procedure is indicated for the treatment of sagging skin and bulging fat pockets in the upper and lower eyelid region. These signs usually begin to appear by age 30, giving the patient an appearance of fatigue. Through this surgery we seek to improve the appearance of the palpebral region, giving the patient a more rested and rejuvenated look. The scars are usually subtle, well hidden in the palpebral sulcus.

After the surgery has been performed, the postoperative process is usually painless. The patient is advised to use cold compresses and lubricating eye drops during the first 7 days. This helps reduce the swelling that commonly occurs during this period. During the first two to three weeks, it is mandatory to wear sunglasses in order to avoid irritation that could be produced by intense light or wind. The patient may resume normal activities after 10 days, and physical activities after 20 days. Sun exposure is permitted after 3 months.

An ophthalmologic exam previous to the surgery is of vital importance in order to evaluate the visual field and rule out other eye diseases.